Friday, May 29, 2009

Rhode Island, it's neither a Rhode or and Island!

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So went to Rhode Island last weekend, and had a blast! We took some friends that are out here selling with us. It was a lot of fun to show them around and see all the sights. We took them to see all mansions and enjoyed seeing fort Adams. Also Driving down ocean drive where they filmed Dan in real life. Then we had the pleasure to go to Dave's grandpa's house, where he cooked up a feast for all us!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day weekend!

So we spent Mother's Day with Dave's family. They where kind enough to have us over for great food, big belly laughs and good times! It is so nice to live near family for the summer.

Can I say what an awesome home Dave's Aunt Sue has! So beautiful and so close to the beach! After we ate, tIll we could eat no more, we went on a nice walk down to the beach, enjoyed each others company and did a little goofing around! Dave and some of his crazy couisins!

Dave helped Boston find sea shells on the beach. Boston LOVED the water, he refers the ocean as big bubbles. Dave tried to make him go near the waves but he was a little sacred. He actually went running from them. He found a really neat sea shell which he brought home and put on his dresser, he tells Bailey "NO, NO special"!

And of course where would we be with out this crazy couple! And might I add very well dressed couple. We are always lucky to be able to have good times with them. Specially to my new right hand man, Kara, Thanks for all your help!

Oh this has nothing to do with Mother's Day, Pursey just had something to say!

Just a shout out to my peep Oscar, where did you go? Miss the heck out of you! Is there some one else? I guess I will just have to catch you on the flip side!
Love, Pursey

I felt bad I don't have more pics of Bailey on Mother's Day, only because she slept most of the day. So her is one in her honor!

Monday, May 11, 2009

You should win the Nobel prize or something.....

Happy Mother's day to, two of the most amazing women I know! What wonderful, kind, patient women! They have taught me so much, I could go on all day about the both of them! But one thing I love learning from them is how to be a GREAT mom. Words could not express how much I LOVE these incredible women and the joy they bring to my children's faces. They are also amazing Grandma's! Dave and I love you both! Thanks so much for all you do for our family!

I leave you with a quote from my Dave, something he wrote to me in my Mother's Day card!
"Let's face it, I mean, HOLY CRAP, you should win a Nobel prize or something!"

Friday, May 8, 2009

I love you Connecticut but....(excuse me while I vent!)

  • Why do I have to go through three flights of stairs, two sets of doors just to get to my apartment?
  • No offense Chris and Kara, love you both, I know if you could have, you would have put us on the first floor. But not sure I like living on the third floor, with two kids and a dog? Especially when I go to the grocery store. No Thanks!
  • These apartments are beautiful, don't get me wrong, but they where built like some one only had a few hours to do so or was racing against some else to see who could get done first.
  • The fact that nails are coming up all around the apartment on all the edging of the carpet and poor Bailey has cut her foot open twice. And Boston has cut his hand as well! Don't get me started on how many times I have stepped on them. You would think I would remember to step over them but I don't, and want to yell out some awful word*! YIKES!
  • Don't worry I have called maintenance several times. I am sure they are sick of me! But what really gets me is I have to call some 1-800 number, tell them my life story, just so I can get some creepy guy to come upstairs and staple the carpet down. (How is that supposed to help!) Just to tell him I had one more problem, if he would not mind taking a look, only to tell me I have to call that stupid number again to report every single problem before it can get fixed!
  • Why can't the pool be opened already? Is it really that necessary to wait until memorial weekend? All there's left to do is heat the pool, does that really take a whole month?!
  • I don't know about you but I like a really good shower as in good water pressure! I think I am better off standing outside in the rain and getting more water pressure that way then getting slightly drizzled on in the shower!
  • Are apartment complex sits on this cute hill where all the sunshine in the world comes shinning in! The fact that we have no curtains (Hence the fact we will only be here for four months, not putting curtains on the list of things needed or wanted to bring.) wakes Boston up every morning at about quarter to six, who is now ready to start his day of adventures! Dave and I don't get much sleep anyways, whats the big deal with waking up at six every single morning! (With much Sarcasm!) Still on Utah time by the way!
  • Every morning I like to go over to our sliding glass window to see this spectacular view we have, to open the big sliding blinds to only have them come crashing down on us! Again, I wonder who won the race to finish first, wonder what the prize was, I hope it was worth it! (again, much more sarcasm!)
  • And why must the maintenance guy argue with me! Some people! Just cause I could not get the disposal to work, (Here we go again, calling 1-800 my life story and what can we fix today!) Waiting and waiting for mister creepy fix it guy, only waiting hoping he gets here while Dave is here, so I am not in the apartment alone with him. To find out that there was glass down the drain (reason for non-working disposal!) to yell at me and accuse me of putting in there. Then to tell me rice should not go down the disposal either! WHAT THE...who doesn't put rice down the disposal? Warning: some people just should not argue with me!!!
  • I love a good fire place! And would give anything to have one in Utah. But Dave and I must be really stupid, we can't find the darn switch to turn it off! So it's bright glow will attract Bailey all summer along with hopes of grabbing that pretty little flame some day! What a great little over achiever I have!
I hope all that knows me knows how GRATEFUL I am for all that the lord blesses my family with. I get to live in a beautiful state ever summer. To be a part of a new adventure with my wonderful husband and great kids! To see all the different parts of the country that the lord has created for us to enjoy. I am so grateful to have some awesome family members here to help me when Dave's not around, thanks to are incredible aunt Kara for watching my kids so I can take my groceries up to our apartment. To fill I can get in some exercise each day living on the third floor. To enjoy all the sun light and warmth it brings into our home. Even to the creepy maintenance guy who knows how to fix things, I would be at a loss. And how grateful I am to be the very first person to ever live in this apartment, with every thing all clean and brand new! But for now I will try to do my best to remember the words of one of my favorite apostles, "Come what may and love it!"- Jeffery R. Holland
Thanks to you all for listening to me vent, I feel much better now!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2,234.5 miles, Connecticut here we come!

This very cool guy here was nice to drive us all the way to Connecticut! Thanks honey!

Of course what is a drive without seeing any of these windmills!

Bailey did great on the drive she was always happy! OK maybe not all the way, up until the last four hours of the drive she about had it! But she was a trooper for sure!

As we drove through Nebraska I thought it was interesting that the lights were not vertical! Maybe it's just me but I thought that was odd!

We stayed at a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska the first night. Boston brushes his teeth before we head out again!

Dave was really tired we did not check into our hotel until 1:30 am so we had a hard time wakeing him up to get on the road again!

If any one knows Boston, knows that he really loves his uncle Nick! Boston speaks of him often. So here is a little homage to Nick, we love you and will miss you! Can't wait to see you in July!

Boston did OK on the drive but the one thing that seemed to please him and keep Daves and mine sanity was Kool Aid! Thanks kool aid for coming to our rescue!

Here is a few pics of our summer apartment. This is the kitchen with Dave in the back ground!

Boston new hang out for the summer!

This is a pic of our apartments! I know it might be hard to see but it looks like we live in a forest! A very pretty forest!

But for now we say good bye to Utah and the loved ones back at home, we will miss you all, but remember we will be back shortly! Stay classy Utah!!!

Here is a small clip for those Grandmas we left behind who need there fix! We love you!