Wednesday, December 21, 2011



If you're anything like me, you've felt the curse of the pregnant hormones and the negativism they bring. Some people feel their best when they're pregnant. I, I feel grateful. However It's a gratitude I have to remind myself of. The majority of the time I simply feel fat, emotional, tired and lazy. In an effort to feel like the "normal" realistic me, here's a letter to me:

Dear self,
I love you. I'm lucky I love you. Not everyone loves their self. I do. Sometimes I just forget, and if a sweet angel baby is what these hormones bring the price is well worth it.
I love your healthy moving body. I love your beating heart, your soul and your spirit. I love your fingers and toes and your working mind, and that you've been blessed with a baby growing inside.
I love that you've done hard things and the satisfaction that brings.
I love that you chose to marry a man who makes you laugh every single day and knows you almost better than you know yourself. I don't love that sometimes when your frustrated, you take it out on him. Why don't you take it out on the store clerk, or your pillow? Why on earth would you take it out on the sweetest man who works so hard for you? You're working on it. Thank you for that.
I love that your laid back. I hate that you're to hard on youslef.
I love that your eyes are brown. I don't like that they're too close together, and that a boy you really liked once told you that. Oh well.
You could be better at saving money. You could be worse.
You have a strong and deep testimony of a Heavenly Father who knows and loves you. I love that. You should more diligently study the Book of Mormon. You're working on that too.
I hate that almost every day you over eat. To the point of kind of feeling sick. Why do you do that? boredom I think. And food is just so good.
I love that your a mom to thre nuttiest kids around and that overall you're pretty good at the mommy thing. But you aren't quite sure how to handle the toddler tantrums and the taking back. 
I like that you fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow.
I've grown to accept your frezzie hair, and your lack of mathematical ability.
I like your style.
I don't like that you expect too much out of people. You have got to stop doing that. Appreciate who they are and what they do.
I love you.
And I promise I'll love you even more in a few months.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a number of things I've done today!

So I did this post a while back and today's events, adventure, mishaps and a book I read to my kids after getting them to settle down (The very hungry caterpillar)  reminded of that post. So again I thought I would do another one like that!

Last night wasn't to bad of a night. I only had to remind and return Boston to his bed 1 time last night.Thanks to the elf on the shelf in my home Boston is doing his best to stay in line and listen. I do however wish there was a mythical creature of some sort I could keep in my home all year round to get my kids to listen! Any thoughts of what would work? Maybe I can tell them that's why we have a dog she's actually magic or something I don't know!

This morning we got the kids all ready for there Christmas program at pre-school. They did such a good job singing and putting on a cute show for all the parents. Boston and Bailey then did a cute gift/book exchange with the other kids in there class. We brought home 2 new books to add to there bookshelf. Let's see how long they will last before Warner realizes that  "Boy, there's something wrong with those books, I know they haven't been ripped to shreds I must help out mom and take care of that right away!"

WARNING: This might be TMI, before you continue on..... but I am happy for me! I have only had to visit the toilet fair 3 times today! My kids are so sweet except Boston did tell me "hurry up mom I have to go potty and your taking to long!" to which I replied "there is another toilet bud," in between gag reflexes. Kids! It's like me being pregnant is old news for the 4 1/2 year old!

We haven't done to much today, just hanging out in the play room watching movies. We love Christmas movies and there is a reason they only come out at the holiday's, not only because it's the most wonderful time of the year and what wonderful memories they remind us of but if I have to watch the Grinch one more time........I might loose it, we have watched it 4 times today and that's just today. I am pretty sure sense we hit December we have watched it at least a hundred times! (maybe that's a little over the top but it sure feels that way!)

I realized Christmas is only twelve days away so I took a look at my Christmas list to see were I was at with my Christmas shopping. It's not bad, still have some to do. But I only have 5 things left on my shopping list! Yay!!! much less then I then I list in my head!

Today was supposed to be Dave's day off ! I had all these plans to spend the day as a family and be lazy, hang out and bake cookies with the kids and go around and pass them out as a family.  Unfortunately Dave was called into work and my plans of the five of us being together in my kitchen having a blissful baking night of fun are not going to work out. So Dave will be leaving us at 6 and be home in the wee hours of the morning.

I used to have Wednesday be my laundry day but now that I have a bigger home and three kids and a husband I can't have just one day be laundry day. Everyday is laundry day!  It amazes me how fast, magically whatever you want to call it, the laundry can pile up! I swear I did all or most of it yesterday but I guess not because I'm on my 7 Th load! It's a sad realization that I have this amount of laundry to do for eighteen more years! At what point and age does laundry become a chore? Who out there thinks four is to early to start, he does tell me all the time he is the big bro in charge and likes to remind me even though he is in pre-school he does go to high school with the big kids, he does make a good point! So with that being the case, like I said who think four is to young?

Bailey loves having the elf in our house. She definitely considers herself his little helper or "has his back" one might say. She reports to him when she sees fit to make sure the elf is catching every thing, good or bad, naughty or nice. She has had many conversations with him, 8 so far today in fact! Whether it's to report any hitting, saying please and thank yous or just  telling him a story of her own. She cracks me up when I can hear the things she shares with him and waits patiently for a response but nothing comes from his mouth and she so kindly says to him " It's OK I know it's one of Santa's rules that you can't talk to me or you will loose your magic." It melts my heart! I love what Christmas is and what it represents but not only that the sweet innocence that children have at this time of the year. I am so blessed to have three of them in my home and soon a fourth will be here to share it's unconditional love and innocence with us! I am a lucky, blessed, rewarded times three,  mom!

So far today I can't think of anything that has, been, almost, happened 9 times. I do know that I use I word "NO" often. It often takes me 9 times or more before I can get a response or people moving around here. I am almost sure my kids think that, that's the only word I know especially Warner. But I guess it's a good thing, a positive way to see things I really haven't had to say "NO" that much today. That's always refreshing in one's home when you spend most of your day as a stay home mom and feel like a broken record!

I really do love winter! I love living in a state that gives me opportunity to experience the joy of having all four seasons. I love all the the things that I get to look forward that comes with each one, whether it be getting out new decerotions for my home, spending outside playing in the sun or just staying in by the fire place reading, watching a movie and eating something warm out of the crock pot. Something I love about winter is pulling out all my winter boots which I'm sure every women does. So I thought today While my two older ones were occupied by the Grinch, and Warner napped. I decided that just because my feet go into hibernation for the next few months why not still make them feel pretty in there home of winter boots, so I painted all 10 of my toes hot pink even though no one will ever see them!