Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Fat Cats Birthday!

We celebrated this guy here, Birthday the other night. Thanks to all those who came to surprise and wish him a Happy Birthday!

This Uncle here was kind enough to wrangle this little lady for some of the night. I think that if he could handle her he could handle at least three of her!

A little sympathy weight never hurt any one!

Checking out my score. Boston helped me a lot with my game. I am glad to say we at least got to 50!

Enjoying pizza!

Some of us hanging out!

A small clip of us singing Happy Birthday to Dave

Monday, November 16, 2009

100th post!

Is this really going to be my 100th post? Wow can't believe I even have about 100 things to post about. I am sure there are only about two people that glance at our blog, I mean I don't really care I do it for me and to get my journaling out of the way, but If you are reading here is my 100 things about me! Well see how far we get!

  1. I love my husband SO MUCH! I am not one of those girls who constantly ohs and ah's over my man but he does earn a shout out every once and awhile. So I have say my man rocks and one of my favorite quotes "He is the cheese to my macaroni" -Juno (I watch that movie way to much if you can't tell in my resent posts.
  2. I have the best 2 kids ever! They make my world and I am so lucky to have these special spirits in my life! I can't wait to see what they have to unleash in this world!
  3. I really can't stand when people take showers and they leave the shower curtain opened. I have to shut it immediately!
  4. I have to admit I am a little obsessed with vacuuming! I vacuum 2 to 3 times a day! It drives Dave insane!
  5. I hate when Dave sneezes it freaks me out and for some reason I want to be mad at him!
  6. I am really bad at doing my laundry. I am such a procrastinator and you can usually find a pile or some would say mountain of laundry in my laundry room!
  7. I always cry when I see a wedding video for some reason!
  8. I am glad that my husband is way into fitness and most of all he does not press me to get into it as much as he is. I am glad he loves me for who I am.
  9. Any one who knows me knows I could craft all day! I can't wait until I have a craft room one day!
  10. I am excited about having a third but it does scary me about being out numbered.
  11. I can't decided whats harder to have Boys or girls! They definitely have there differences but I still can't decide.
  12. I have been really bad with Boston's bed time routine and I can't wait until I get sleep one day!
  13. I secretly want to learn how to break dance and pop one day!
  14. I really love the teeny bop per TV shows that I probably should not admit like, like Secret life of the American teenager, Glee, Make it or break it. But to bad I do!
  15. I also like cheesy teen movies like step up 2, Bring it on and my favorite all time Clueless, what sad is I could quote that movie word for word.
  16. I always try to get into the latest book series that everyone seems to get into but I can't. They almost always drive me crazy!!!
  17. I could eat California Pizza Kitchen every day!
  18. I miss having a Disneyland season pass every year when I was little. I would love for my kids to have the same. And I often get jealous when I hear some cousins that live in the OC have there season passes and go every weekend just get out of the house!
  19. Dave gave me a game cube for our first Christmas together. He knows that I hated it and I am glad he has learned his lesson. I have yet to see any game system under my tree yet. All though this might be a double standard I wouldn't mind getting a Wii!
  20. Maybe because I pregnant but I don't like the smell of all of Dave's supplements! Yuck!
  21. I don't know how much further I can go but I will keep going!
  22. I love that my little Yorkie sleeps with me all night. She keeps my feet nice and warm.
  23. I have to wash my bed sheets every Wednesday. I love going to bed in a nice clean bed. Especially when Dave tells me he went to the gym and didn't take a shower, I totally have to wash them right away!
  24. I can't wait until we upgrade from a queen to Cal king one day. I tell you, it's really hard to sleep and share a queen bed with a 6"3 guy!
  25. I think my brother is the funniest person I know. I love to hear him laugh and watch movies with him, he seriously makes them that much more funnier than they really are!
  26. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE root beer floats! They are the best!
  27. I get way into all those crime shows like Forensic files, snapped, 20/20, night line, 48 hrs, any thing that has to do with murder I get way into it. I hope that does not sound to creepy.
  28. I my ultimate dream would to be to illustrat children's books one day! What sad is I use to collect kids books all the time just because I was in love with the illustrations.
  29. I don't like it when my towels get to soft I kinda like the scratchy feel, so when I get out of the shower I feel like I am actually getting dried off!
  30. Is it just me or are people always on KSL like me, I love finding a good deal and you can often find me looking even if we don't need any thing.
  31. Are you bored with this yet?
  32. I am scared to admit but sense last time I had to have a c-section I am really worried about having another one. I really hated every moment of it!
  33. I love to re-furnish furniture. I find it calming. I love seeing the potential in something so old and bet up. Bringing it back to life makes me so very HAPPY inside!
  34. I love having girl, don't get me wrong who doesn't love girl shopping but some times it can get over whelming and I love knowing that when I go boy shopping I have one little corner of the store to stick to.
  35. Bailey has way to many hair bows but I love to make them. Let me know if you need any!
  36. I do spend to much time on the black whole called Facebook and I need to get my self in control.
  37. I miss cooking it's the one thing I can't do when I am prego, the smell just gets to me!
  38. I love that my husband is from some where different than Utah. I am glad it's some where cool like Rhode Island, one of the most amazing places I have ever been to!
  39. I really want to see wicked! One day I will get the chance, maybe in New York? I have hinted this to Dave numerous times!
  40. I love a good road trip. I love going for long drives even if I am not going any where, it is so peaceful to me!
  41. I hate being late to things and don't like when people are late it gets me so mad some times! I am not sure why, but I have learned to let it go.
  42. I have enjoyed having a blog. It's fun to look back and watch my kids grow!
  43. I'll be honest I never liked selling Mary Kay but the make-up perks were not half bad!
  44. I miss living in California some times. I miss the ocean and did I mention Disneyland?
  45. I don't think it's possible to come up with 100 things?
  46. I love every thing organized! I love that every thing has it's place but it is nice to have a junk drawer!
  47. I can't wait when church moves to nine this twelve o'clock stuff isn't cutting it any more.
  48. I am to obsessed with shoes not just for me but for my kids. They have way to many and Dave gets so mad at me when I bring another pair home, I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF!
  49. I know this sounds snobby but I promise I'm not but I won't ever let my kids wear any thing with characters on there clothing, only pj's. It's me being weird.
  50. So I think 50 things is enough. I sure most stopped back at #2!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Just wanted to say Congrats to some good friends of ours who if you can't tell just got engaged! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special moment. We wish you all the best and Happiness marriage brings! You guys are AWESOME!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Did Ju-no?

Our eggo is prego!
July 5th, 2010