Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Worse Mom of the week, for sure goes to me!

Baileys Accident:
So about a week ago when I was finally getting around to getting all our Christmas stuff out, I should have known Bailey might have wanted to play with the stuff, but I was not thinking. I put are cute little stockings up on out mantel with our nice rock solid stocking holders. Of course Bailey's curiosity got to her like usual and she yanked one of the stocking down, and wouldn't you know one of our stocking holders fell and broke on top of her head, leaving her with a nice gash!
My poor baby! We couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I called my good friend Cynthia who happens to be a pediatrician and told her what happen. I told her that I didn't think she needed stitches but that she might need some super glue! And to my rescue she came! She had some Durobond at home would be glad to take care of it for me. Thanks to Cynthia! I tell ya it sure does pay to know a doctor who takes house calls but best of all who is welling to do it for free!

Bostons Accident:
About 4 days after Baileys accident Boston got his very own head injury, I mean like sister like brother, any ways. Bailey had broken one of our floor laps down stairs. I was cleaning it up got a bag to put the glass in. Just when I was ready to take it up stairs and out to the trash. Bailey was climbing up our entertainment center so I hung the bag of broken glass on our stair Bannister thinking I would go get Bailey down then take the bag up stairs but as I went toward Bailey, Dave had just walked through the door and Boston heard him. Whenever Boston hears Dave come home he rush's to him immediately! Boston shouted out "Daddy, Daddy" tripped over the first step and fell into the bag of glass and sliced his head open! Not again, I felt like the worlds worse mom! My poor little man! Of course his injury was tens times worse! He screamed at first, I think he was more scared of all the blood but he calmed down quickly and just keep telling Dave and I, if we got him a band aid he would stop bleeding. We ran him to the E.R. We knew for sure he was going to need stitches. He did such a good job! He struggled through the shots but actually fell asleep during the last few stitches. He tells every body he has a really cool band aid called stitches, there blue and he has seven of them! He has also said "When can I get more" I told him hopefully never but I am sure this wont be the last time it's just the beginning!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Half way to 2 and 3, a few updates on how big we are getting around here!

Bailey Cakes
  • This little girl lights up a room! She could dance all day long. I love how she puts her hands on her hips and shakes her bottom. Her dad and I could watch her do this all day long! Her newest thing that her dad taught her is how to do the sprinkler, I just love how short her little arms are and how hard she tries to do it! Classic!
  • She is doing some fun new tricks. She loves to put her hands in the air as we tell her "raise the roof", fold her arms and say her prayers, wash her hands, tell her "nice to meet you" and she will put out her hand for a hand shake!
  • She will be a great mommy some day. She takes such good care of her baby! I love how she will get a blanket out, wrap her baby in it go and get a pillow, lay her on the floor and comes and tells me to "shhhhhhhhh, baby blah blah blah" which I am pretty sure translates into be quite my baby is sleeping!
  • This lady could DESTROY a room seconds. As much as I can't stand it, it cracks me up to chase her around telling her to "STOP" while she dies laughing thinking it's a game. Her machine gun laugh gets me the most!
  • I don't know if any one knows how Dave is with food but Bailey she JUST LIKE HIM TO A TEE when it comes to food! No exaggeration she acts like she is going to die if she never eats at least ever 5 Min's. We often have to stop for eating to much which turns into a very long tantrum. But what gets me is a little she is. I guess she really is like her dad where she can eat anything and it all goes to her big toe!
  • Bailey makes me so very HAPPY in so many ways, I love this little girl so muccccccch!
Boston Taters
  • Loves all the old school Christmas moves. We watch Frosty the snowman I don't know how many times of the day. He knows all the words to Frosty the snowman and as much as I am sick of that movie I will never get sick of him singing that song or his cute little man voice he sings with!
  • Here is a few things he is constantly telling me "I can do it", "I already know how to MOM", "Mom I need money", "Santa and Frosty are coming to bring me presents", He questions everything and is always asking "why MOM" Sings "POPCORN POPPING" very loudly to Bailey when she cries, he thinks this will make her fell better!
  • New favorite thing to do is build forts with all the couch cushions, blankets anything he can do to stay away from all the alligators. The other day one got hurt so he asked me to get his imaginary alligator a band aid, so we did and now all is set right in imagination land until his next adventure!
  • I think one of these days I will have to take him to the doctor's for fear he will break his legs. He likes to see how many stairs he will clear. Every time he jumps it is always a stair more than the day before and he always tells me" Don't worry I can do it MOM"!
  • I love when we all get ready on Sundays for church he is always so sweet to me and follows me around the house and tells me "MOM you ready for church! You look so Handsome and Daddy is handsome and Bailey is so pretty"!
  • What more can I say I love this little man and I can't say enough about him. I hate that he is getting so big so fast!