Friday, November 18, 2011

it's been a while ..... in fact it's been over a year, rewind, redo!

Wow times fly when your life gets busy with three kids. It was last that I posted just having my third. So now he's 18 months you say and practically a toddler, how could I miss blogging about him and the other three special people in my life. Trust me just cause I didn't have much to blog about (actually there was A LOT to blog about just not enough time!) Maybe I can now that there's and extra hour these days, I have no excuse. Well sense I have missed blogging due to trying to juggle everyone and everything, (in the midst of my juggling I couldn't mange all I had and the computer too) so here's to my blogging attempt number 2. With that said, first post to blog number 2 will be our year in review!
1. Warner Owen Joined our family June 26, 10 with a minor Birth defect
2. Warner had his first of 3 surgery's on October 3 that repaired his cleft lip. And may I say what a great surgical time they have at primary's. I am so grateful!
3. Boston Started his first year of pr-school in September from a wonderful lady in our ward in Salt lake, a lady that I have learned so much from! What an amazing family she has.
4. Boston's pre-school teacher's husband looses a battle to cancer of the body, I stepped in everyday to play pre-school teacher. That was exhausting but so rewarding!
5. With Halloween around the corner, Boston was a dragon, Bailey girl was a bumble bee and Warner was a duck. Of course in our family everyone gets to be a duck there first Halloween.
6. Typical Christmas in the Gallagher house but it was Warner's first Christmas!
7. We had a special visit by Grandpa Mike in February. The kids love there Grandpa!
8. I lost my sweet granny on my birthday. I will miss her so much!!!
9. my bro and I re-unite with our dad and couldn't be happier.
10. We move and are waiting for our new home in Orem to be ready while waiting we get the chance to stay with grandma Linda and aunt Megan. The kids loved the ducks at grandmas apartment complex!
11. I had a scary miscarriage which lead to emergency surgery and blood transfusion. I pray that never happens again!
12. We are finally moved into our home in Orem and absolutely love it the kids I couldn't be more happier!
13. Boston loves soccer and his soccer team
14. Boston turns 4, Bailey turns 3, Warner turns 1! Happy Birthday in June!
15. Dave and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!
16. another great visit from grandma Margret and Grandpa Mike. We always look forward to this time of year!
17. Boston and Bailey start pre-school. Bailey is so excited to be big like her brother!
18. Dave and I are excited for new church callings. Dave is the ward cub scout master and I serve as activity's day leader.
19. Boston breaks his right arm!

Which brings us to present, life has been wonderful, sad, crazy and fun! I wouldn't have it any other way I love my little family what joy my heart is constantly filled with.

Ps. On a side note we are expecting baby number 4 coming this June 3, 2012 Boston says it's should be named spider man  while Bailey is routing for Cinderella. Dare I tell them those are not options!