Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Were back in business!

So I have not blogged in a really long time. I try to get away with one pic and a few sentences but I hear from others that's not cutting it, it's not a real update they say. My brother has been out of town with work a lot this summer and I his wonderful sister, let him take my lap top with him so he can skype his cute little family back home. (This being my excuse for the lack blogging, is it working?) Not to mention are recent new family member who takes all my time even though most of it is watching him sleep so peacefully. And of course the two other children that we already had. Not to much is different with them except Bailey did turn two, and boy did she let me know it! (oh and did I mention shes a red head, if you know any red heads you know what I am talking about! nothing bad intended to fellow red heads, cause boy we sure love this little lady!) And always there is the husband and the dog blah, blah, blah I think you get the picture. So with that said here is or family update with no pictures but as soon as I get my computer back we should be back in business!

Dave- Dave like always is working hard for our family. He recently got a job promotion and is now the new assistant Manager at Biglots. We are so proud of him. Mom really loves his new work schedule sense our house schedule has changed a little bet in the last few weeks. He is here in the morning until noon and back home by six, it's great! He of course is always working out and his newest hobby is road biking. He frequently points out the bike he wants that is worth more than a car. I told him if ever gets one, that is his Christmas and birthday for the next thirty years! And as you all know or maybe I am just being byest but he is the best dad ever. These kiddos of ours just love him to pieces!

Brooke- Brooke is loving being mom again for the third time around! I am still is trying to figure out how to mange three kids though, which some days are better than others. I do feel as long as we are all bathed and dressed by eleven, all kids have had breakfast and at least one maybe two rooms are still not destroyed than that day might just be OK! I still try to sneak in a craft or two but I am finding out it takes me a lot longer to get them done than I like. My new favorite thing right now besides my new baby is my jelly bean baby sling. It has made my life that much easier and it all so keeps Warner safe from two, three feet tall predators that roam our home daily.

Boston- What can I say this little guy isn't so little anymore, he is always playing some kind of sport. He currently rocks a catchers met and mask around the house 24/7 and is always wanting some one to pitch him a ball. He loves Scooby Doo and Little rascals. He heard a bad word the other day " Holly C***" I had to tell him that was not an OK word to say. I also asked him "Do you think that is a word Jesus uses?' he told me no and that Jesus says "Holy molely" instead. We were at the store the other day and the man in line behind us said they above mentioned word and Boston said to him "excuse me but Jesus does not say holy c*** he says holly moley" and if he kept saying it he would get a time out! I guess you had to be there! He is such a great big helper to mom with new baby Warner. I can't believe my once and only baby, the first baby to makes us a family is now as big as he is, a leader and example to his other siblings. He is doing such a great job leading the way. This could not make his mom and dad more happier!

Bailey- Bailey, Bailey, Bailey! My seek and destroy child as I call her. Or that at least that is her daily mission. This little one has a fire so strong I don't know if any one will ever tame it or put it out! And I love her for that! She is always on the go and is always keeping me on my toes. People always remind me "You know shes a red head, they just come that way". But enough said about her wild and craziness, I do hope these are her only wild and crazy days! She is every thing girlie. She loves to dance like no other. I just love coming home from church on Sundays she sings all of the rest of the day all the songs she sang in nursery. Her favorite song to sing to baby Warner is wheels on the bus and of course the part where the mommy on the bus goes shh, shh, shh to the baby. She does give me a little scare around the baby. She has all ready tried to walk off with him a few times but I know some day she will make the best mommy ever! I just love this little girls spirit!

Warner- There's something about a new baby in your home. It amazes me how much love you have for each of your children each so strong as the next. I can't express how much I love this new little man in my life! As I was pregnant with him I knew what strong spirit he was even before we knew of his birth defect. He is such a good baby and I sure can't complain about the six hours he sleeps ever night. We were so blessed to find out that all he had was a cleft lip. When we had his ultrasound they told us the the problems that he would have had when he got here and they also prepared us for roughly about 6-10 surgery's that he would need in the next sixteen years of life. Boy was that sure over whelming but we got ready and sure enough only one small minor thing was wrong. So September 30Th, Warner will have his first of only two surgery's. We know that he will do so well and will be so strong!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome our newest Blessing!

We are so excited that Warner is here! Best of all he only has the cleft lip! We were told he had a lot of other cranial facial problems but they were wrong! We are so blesses to have him!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday's, Parties and Graduation!

Our Birthday setup! Boston turned 3 on the 2ND of June so we had a combined Birthday party for him and for Bailey (only because we are due in a few weeks and I wont have time for Bailey's Birthday) We had a bug and flower party for the kids. They had a lot of fun having family and friends come over and celebrate with them. Thanks to all those who came and made there day special!
Aunt Wendy we love the hair cut! Thanks for coming!
Good times with family!
The kids all the loved the bounce house!
The kids where defiantly spoiled! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!
Defiantly a highlight of the party! We were so lucky to have these special guest come to our party, our triplet cousins Christian, Gab and Sunshine. Next time you guys come over maybe you can jump in the bounce house with us!
After party! Boston and cousin Max enjoying a relaxing TV show!
For sure one of our Favorite Birthday presents! Thanks to Grandma Linda for the sand box! We love it!
We woke up on Bostons birthday with the primary sign in front of the house. I can't believe how big he is getting!
Congrats to Dave's little Brother Nick! We are excited for you and glad that we could be apart of your special night. We are excited to see what your future holds!
Dave and the happy graduate of 2010!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I have so busy lately, I think this is the first time that I have gone for a long period of time with out posting anything! Our family is doing well and pretty much the same old. (Probably why I haven't posted anything) We are getting ready for our third baby to come. We just recently found out that this baby has a minor birth defect a Bilateral cleft lip and palette. No worries though I know that we have some great doctors that will be there to help through his many surgery. Dave and I just pick a wonderful Cranial Facial team at Primary Children's and we have full confidence in them. Still don't know how it happened, they think I was one of those strike by lighting sort of deals. We are still so excited for him to come and grateful for all the lord has blessed our family with even this little trial we couldn't be more happy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maxwell Donaven Bollard!

Max is here! He was 7 lbs 10 oz and 21 1/2 inches long! He is the cutest baby ever!
Here is the just about the cutest family of three I think I have ever seen! Congrats we are so excited for you guys!
What can I say I thought maybe Donaven wouldn't be so goofy when he became a father but I guess that's not going to change! But Max did get a pretty fun dad!
Cousins YEAH!!!! Need I say more we are excited to say that we have cousins finally not only cute little Max but 3 small and precious new ones as well! We are so lucky and blessed!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pregancy for the 3rd time around!

I remember when Dave and I wanted to start our family, how excited we where to take on the large and extreme role called parents. The joy I felt to become a mom! Something every little girl dreams of, playing mommy to all her baby dolls and make sure they knew how much you loved them even if it was pretend and they where only made of plastic.
Now that we have become parents, "Mommy's" and "daddy's" It has definitely been fun, scary, emotional, exhausting, a time suck (and I mean that in the nicest way), wonderful, thrilling and a crazy ride! Even though my oldest is almost 3 and I have not been a mom for that long, I know that it is exactly what I wanted to be! And I wouldn't change it for anything! I look forward to all the challenges that being a mom or parent bring. I would never wish my children's lives away but I look forward to them going to school for the first time and when there still little to you in your eyes but they tell you that they don't need you, when the go through there awkward tween years, through the wonderful years of junior high, on to High school where they go to there first dance, learn to drive a car and pick colleges to go to. But for now I will keep them the way they are fun, always making me laugh, testing my patient, testing my consistently, and loving me right back!
Now that we are expecting our third I will be honest I am little scared. Being out numbered, knowing I have to be ready days in advance to be able to go any where. Trying to have every one on a schedule. Each kid going in there own direction. Deciding who needs to be cared for first but making sure each one of your kids know how much love you have for each of there special spirits and the joy and talents that they bring to your family!
I have decided that even being pregnant is like we already have our third here. I am sick all the time and my poor kids often find themselves watching a movie a little longer than I like to admit to. Getting breakfast closer to lunch time and making them taking naps longer even if there playing in there bed rooms, as long as they don't come out.
It amazes me how adding a new member of the family just as simple as only being 16 weeks pregnant, how much it can effect my family. But I look forward to adding a new and special spirit to our family. I can't wait to get to know him or her and I hope him/her knows how excited we are for them to get him/her here safely. Every thing that I look forward for Boston and Bailey I look for forward to our 3rd! We can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorite Chrismast tradition!

By far on of my favorite Christmas traditions! After we open presents, go feed the homeless make ginger bread houses (or in our case gram cracker houses) we are off for night tubing!
I love spending the holidays with my family we always have so much fun together and I think this will stay a tradition in our family. Boston and Bailey loved it!